Welcome to the Valhalla Farms Hunting Preserve, an invitation only, private estate for the exclusive use of friends of Catalyst Acquisition Group, The WaterLife Foundation and the Amell family.

We created the Hunting Preserve because we believe that hunting and the outdoor life is a tradition that is to be shared.

The Preserve is comprised of 300 acres of untouched lands a mere 50 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It directly adjoins the High Point State Park, where 10,000 acres of rolling hills and forest surround the highest point in New Jersey.

For four years we have labored to make the Valhalla Farms Hunting Preserve where the finest hunting experiences are born and relived, over and over again. The results are breathtaking.

We have found in the course of our business endeavors that the opportunity to partake of the sporting life among like minded executives builds life long relationships, both personal and professional.

Come join us for an experience you will never forget, and to forge relationships that will last a lifetime.

Click on the options above to explore the opportunities we present, and don't forget to visit Valhalla Corgis below, the website dedicated to our Welsh Pembroke Corgis.

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